Best Grow Taller Exercises to Increase Height by 2 to 6 Inches

Exercise To Add Inches to Your Height

More and more people are starting to read about exercises that make a person taller, even well after passing puberty. These grow taller exercises are becoming very popular these days as word of mouth spreads pretty quickly when it comes to issues like this.

Being short in stature is an anxiety problem for many. They are down on self confidence and sometimes even depressed about their height. A lot of it has to do with the media projecting height as a sex symbol and being short as something that is worth ridiculing. A person’s height should have no bearing on their social status but the fact of the matter is that most short people out there would love to increase their height to get rid of their insecurities.

Fortunately, these grow taller exercises that are being talked about a lot are actually exercises that promote good health in addition to making a person taller. Thus, one can stand to gain a dual benefit from these so called grow taller exercises if they choose to.

For one to understand how these grow taller exercises work, they will need to know a little bit more about the anatomy of the body. The back is an area of the body where a person, regardless of age or sex can add height to their body. The back is made up of 33 bones or vertebrae that are each separated by a disc. These discs vary in thickness and strength from person to person. The thickness of these discs are determined by the amount of compression brought down upon them by the bones on top, which is in turn decided by the strength of the abdominal and back muscles. If a person has weak stomach and back muscles, the compression on these discs will be great which will mean that the discs will be rather thin. The thickness of the discs in the spinal column alone makes up 6 inches of the height in the average person.

These grow taller exercises that everyone is talking about these days will work on improving the strength of the abdominal and back muscles. When these muscles, also known as the core muscles get stronger, they will support the bones in the back better, thereby easing compression on the discs. The discs will slowly start to increase in size and that is where a person will experience a growth in height. Consistent studies have shown that a person can add as much as 1-4 inches just by targeting this part of the body alone.

Typical grow taller exercises are exercises like sit ups, pelvic lifts or just any other exercises that will target the stomach and back region. These exercises will however need to be supported with a good diet that is rich in protein and minerals that will aid in muscle and tissue growth.

Usually, people are recommended to follow a step by step plan when they are using these grow taller exercises as doing them in random ways without a schedule will result in little or no gain in height.

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