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There are some issues that leave us with a constant anxiety that never goes away. These problems usually have to do with our physical self. We might be carrying a few extra pounds or we might be losing hair, some people will be worried about things like bad skin. Another major problem in this category is the anxiety connected to being short in stature.

People who are shorter than average height will always have the thought about their lack of height in the back of their minds. The question “Is there a way to grow taller” will also play on their minds. If you have read this article this far, it would be fair to say that you fall in that category as well. First of all, it is all right to have feelings of anxiety about being short. However, instead of worrying about it too much, one should take action as there are actually concrete answers to your question “is there any way to grow taller?” 

best ways to increase height

Here are some of the most common ways to increase your height. Some of them will technically not increase your height but will make you appear taller while some will permanently make you taller.

Ways to look taller rather than grow taller.

Correct your posture – You can look a couple of inches taller almost immediately just by correcting the arch of your back. A lot of people slouch and this can make you look short even though you are not. Correcting your posture will also allow you to avoid back problems that can arise from bad postures over a long time.

Shoes to make you look taller – Browse around and you will even find speciality sites that sell elevating shoes.  They are not the kind that will make you look like you are walking on stilts as they come in very fashionable styles these days.

Some choice of clothes – There are some clothes that will make you look shorter than you are. Horizontal stripes are the biggest culprit there. Try to look around some fashion sense sites to see what clothes can make you look a bit taller.

Is there any way to grow taller permanently?

Just looking taller is not enough for some people who actually want to permanently increase their height. There are some methods to do that as well.

Surgery – Though this is an available method, it is best that you avoid it as it will involve the insertion of metal plates in between your limbs. Needless to say, it is risky and expensive as well. Surprisingly, there is a small market for these kinds of surgeries.

Pills and supplements – You will see a market that will try to sell you things such as pills and supplements and even human growth hormones. The effectiveness of these supplements leaves a lot to be desired although they have been known to produce good results when taken along with exercises.

Natural exercises – It has been scientifically proven that a person can increase their height by expanding their spinal column. Exercises are used to expand the spinal column over a period of time although they have to be done in a very specific manner and also be aided with a good, healthy diet.

As you can see, there are ways to look taller and also ways to actually grow taller, regardless of your age. One should try to pick a method that is the most convenient or realistic.

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