Shoes That Make You Taller

How Short Men can Increase Height Taller by Inches

Being short can be frustrating in many different ways. Various people could take a dig at you with subtle jokes about your short stature. It could be your friends, family members or even the people at work. You might be able to brush it off at times but it can also get very annoying at times.

An easy way to fix this problem is to look for shoes that make you taller. This article will give you some pointers about shoes that make you taller.

Height Increasing Shoes
Where to shop – You will see a lot of online stores that will sell what is called elevator shoes that are designed to add anywhere between 2-4 inches for a person. Though they might have excellent products, you have to know that buying from an online store has its disadvantages. First of all, you cannot try the shoes on before you buy them. That is a big drawback as different manufacturers run sizes differently. If you are still going to buy shoes that make you taller from an Internet store, make sure that they have a good refund or exchange policy in case the shoes do not fit you.

Comfort level over fashion sense – Some people get a bit too carried away with shoes that are very fashionable and also being able to provide good elevation. Fashionable shoes are not always the most comfortable ones. When you are shopping for shoes that make you taller, always give more preference to comfort level over fashion appeal. Remember that you have to wear these shoes for long periods of time and there is no point in wearing shoes that make you taller but leave you with a back problem. Bad fitting shoes worn over long periods of time have known to cause problems with the spine.

Are there any other options to increase height other than shoes that make you taller?

There are actually ways to permanently increase one’s height and this is done with exercises. Specialized exercises targeted at the abdominal and back muscles can slowly expand the spinal column in a person. Many people have successfully exercised their way to a taller self over a period of a few weeks.

The spinal column is targeted for an increase in height because the spinal column has 33 discs in between the vertebrae that can be expanded in a safe and healthy manner. Expanding them with exercises not only increases height, it also improves the overall strength of the spinal system making it less susceptible to problems such as back pain, slipped discs and so on.

The discs in the spinal column make up about 6 inches of the height in an average person. This can be safely expanded to 8 or even 10 inches thus allowing you to grow taller by 2-4 inches. Most people gain a couple of inches from doing exercises and only a small percentage gain about 4 inches.

Two inches can however be quite a significant amount for a person who is not happy with his or her current height. Increasing height with exercises is definitely an option that you can consider along with shoes that make you taller.

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