How to Grow Taller after Puberty : How to Grow Taller

 You don’t have to worry about your genes and stop looking at your dad or mom’s height because it will just depress you if they are 5’6” below! With the correct guide to make you gain some more inches, you can have the power to even surpass your parents’ height. With this change that you are going to have, you can pass new genes even to your kids in the future. This is not a myth.As you can see around you, shorter people are usually discriminated and you can avoid that by simply taking some effort in working out your height. It is a fact that most people listen to taller men and women. Society can be harsh and unavoidably bias with people who seem to be bigger or taller. Now, you can increase height and be like the others who benefit from the advantage of being tall. 
How to Grow Taller after Puberty

Growth Hormone Can Be the Key on How to Grow Taller Faster At Puberty

One of the important components of human growth is the growth hormone secreted by glands in the body. These glands start to secrete the growth hormone even when we are still inside our mother’s womb. Production of this hormone is at its peak during the puberty period. Unfortunately, some teens may be diagnosed of lack for enough secretion of this hormone so growth hormone injection is prescribed and injected regularly. 

Although it can help a person grow, injecting human growth hormone is not for everyone. It has been proven from the research that kids suffering from malnutrition may not enjoy the effectiveness of the injection. It means that growth can also be affected by eating the right kinds of food or else the body will not function properly for growth. So even if you inject growth hormones, your body will not grow if you are not eating the right kinds of food that will naturally process growing tall.Proper knowledge on how to get taller is essential before taking into consideration injecting growth hormones. By eating the right kinds of food, you can naturally ignite the glands to secrete the right amount of natural growth hormones and you may not even need injections at all.

Vitamins, proteins, minerals, and certain healthy fats and carbs are the basic building blocks of growth because they make the body healthy for the secretion of growth hormones. It means that lack of these nutrients will lead to stunted growth or short height. Having a healthy lifestyle and a good diet for height growth will lead to productive glands especially when you are an adolescent. So while you are young, you have to start living clean and take the initiative to eat foods for height growth.

Food Factors that Can Affect Growth during Puberty

If you are at your teens and you want to know how to grow taller, you have to pay attention to this information. Planning your diet for height growth is the first thing that you must do. Make sure that you commit yourself in following a strict diet for your own advantage. When you start seeing the result, you will be glad that you have made this move! Remember, these are the food factors that you should focus on eating which will make you grow taller naturally.

5 Food Factors on How to Get Taller at Puberty

1. Milk and other dairy products full of calcium
2. Protein-rich food such meat, chicken, fish, and nuts
3. Fruits/Vegetables full of vitamins and minerals
4. Multivitamin supplement
5. Monitor your calorie intake everyday

You will be surprised that these are the foods that your mama used to make you eat. Your parents are right about it so this time; you have to listen to them. These are the foods that can benefit you as you grow and you will not regret the results. If you do not want to be bullied by bigger and taller guys in school, you have to take this food advice!

Teens Need a Daily Dose of Milk!

There was a time when milk has been into a controversy of being bad for the health. This was the time when people started to use bovine growth hormone to some cows in order to produce more milk. It was an issue which gave milk a bad name for once. However, we still have to point out that the milk itself is healthy but it just became dangerous at what people did to those cows. Now that the bovine growth hormone is no longer in use, milk has become safe and healthy again as it has always been.Milk is being consumed by millions of people in the United States and billions of people around the world. Milk is the best source for calcium which can be an everyday habit. Celebrities drink milk and they even show their support for milk as a healthy habit that everyone should drink as part of their meal.

According to research, milk has been proven to be an excellent food source for important nutrients needed by the body. Here are some facts that you should know:

 Milk is a good source for protein.
2. It is where you can get your supply for minerals like calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and magnesium.
3. Lactose, the sugar in milk, helps the body to absorb the minerals. It also aids in cleaning the intestines by introducing a good bacteria called flora.
4. Whey protein contained in milk is the one that helps in building muscles especially when the person works out.
5. Milk contains essential vitamins such as B2 and B12.
6. Builds bones to become stronger and bigger because milk contains the needed nutrients namely: protein, carbohydrates, and some fats.

Now, if you still want more proof that milk is hailed as one of the best foods for height growth, then you have to read on. Here are some more findings about milk according to research and studies done by scientists in universities and institutions.

Drinking Milk or Not?

Although most people know about the healthy components of milk, there are still some that do not drink milk or even avoid drinking milk. According to studies coming from the University of Otago Medical School in New Zealand, there are three main reasons why they want to avoid drinking milk. One is lactose intolerance. Second is their perception that milk does not taste good. Lastly, they just think that they do not need milk as part of their lifestyle.

In this study, two groups of children were compared – 200 milk drinkers and 50 non-milk drinkers. This is what the researchers found out about the two groups as they grew:

• Non-milk drinkers were found to be deficient in calcium as expected. They lack 443 mg in the said mineral and they are required to take supplements in order to make up the lacking amount.

 Physically, non-milk drinkers have smaller skeletons and were shorter in height.

• Eighteen percent of the non-milk drinkers became obese.

• The bone density of those kids who did not drink milk is much lower and they are at a high risk of developing osteoporosis. These kids should avoid accidents or they will be injured with broken bones easily. When 24% of them already have suffered broken bones.

Fractures are prevented if bones are strong and healthy. This is true with people who drink milk because their bones are supplied with the right amount of calcium which makes it healthy. In comparison from another study, only 12% of the girls who drink milk suffered fractures compared to 29% of non-milk drinkers.In countries where undernourishment is a problem, milk has always been the quick and convenient diet solution. As the children were given milk, their health improved and they gained weight which lowered risks of death in those places. With regular milk intake, malnutrition and undernourishment will be cured because of its high protein content and calcium that will boost height.

More Protein for Your Teen!

As we can see, Americans are taller than Asians. It is evident that what people used to it can affect the way they grow. Since Asians are more of rice and other carb diet, they seem to grow slower than people from the West. Asians who decided to live in the United States usually adapt the lifestyle of Americans including the food that they eat. Now, you can see these people preparing meals with high-protein foods and rich in calcium. As they live in the United States and kids grow, it is noticeable that these kids grow faster and a lot taller now.Nutrition is one of the keys that we should consider if we want to really grow taller no matter what our genes are made of. By eating protein-rich food, our body will become bigger and stronger looking good while we do exercises. Do not forget to have protein-rich foods everyday.

Vegetables Can Supply Different Types of Nutrients 

Too much meat can also become dangerous to health especially when you are not eating vegetables. Vegetables contain vitamins and minerals to keep the body to function well. Aside from that, plants contain fibers and antioxidants that can clean the body and ward off toxins and free-radicals out of it. In most research, it has been proven that some veggies can help treat and even prevent cancer.
When it comes to growing tall, these vitamins and minerals that can be taken from veggies aids proteins to make glands of growth to function well. These important nutrients are responsible in making the bones of the body to grow longer and stronger.

The Aid of Multivitamin and Calcium Supplements

Eating the right kinds of food and planning a menu everyday will keep you healthy by making sure that you are serving and eating a balanced diet. However, we can’t always be sure especially when sometimes we skip food. Therefore, we can seek the aid of multivitamin supplements or calcium supplements for our bones especially when we are lactose-intolerant. We can ask for a physician’s prescription to know what brand is best for us or we can just compare over-the-counter multivitamin supplements that can be seen on TV or ads.

Monitor Your Calories – Are You Getting Enough Amounts?

Calorie is the measure of energy you get from the food that you are eating and it has to be at the right amount to be taken daily. As you plan the menu for your diet, you always have to monitor if you are getting the right amount of calories from the type and amount of food that you are eating.Most children in less developed countries are experiencing lack of food that leads to malnutrition and undernourishment. As a result, their bodies become weak because they do not get the energy needed everyday to move or even to some simple things. All of us need to have calories every day in order to perform our daily activities and in order for our body to function well just like a full-charged battery.In order to know more about your own calorie intake, you can ask help from a personal trainer in gyms in your area or you can consult a physician or dietitian. They can help you measure your metabolic rate which determines the way and how fast your body uses energy. Knowing this will also help you know how to grow taller and not get fatter.

What to Remember and What should be Avoided

Softdrinks, soda, or any carbonated drinks should be avoided if you want to grow taller. It has been proven that soda can ruin the development of your muscles and it can weaken your bones. According to the Research Institute of Child Nutrition in Germany, softdrinks can be the worse food that a growing child can consume.Be wiser and get more proteins in order for your muscles and bones to be strong and healthy. Eat enough amounts of protein everyday. Another thing to remember is to get enough sleep every night. Growth hormone production and action takes place at a great level when you are having enough sleep and rest. Lastly, you have to exercise. Exercise is the best active way that can make your body system to become functional. If you want to grow taller and be at your peak height while you are in the puberty age, you have to 
start exercising now!

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