How to Increase Height


Being has always been a big concern with most of us – no matter which part of the world we live on or which culture are we in. The story has always been same through the ages. Every person during his growing years thinks of how to grow bigger, how to grow taller, how to increase height, how to had a couple on inches and what not. This was also depicted in one of the famous Tom Hanks movies “BIG”.Though this might be a little absurd, but this a hard fact that being tall and confidence go hand in hand. This has been statically proven that a taller person has more confidence than a shorter person. Below are  some reasons to support my premise:

​Greater HEIGHT >> Greater CONFIDENCE >> Greater Aura/ Presence>> More People Take notice >> Confident People Talk Good >> Confident People be their self >> They Make good Relations with People >> They make good network >> They achieve more SUCCESS

how to increase height


Looks: One of the biggest advantage is looking good. Taller people generally look good. My it be the cloths that fit properly, or physique that is so obvious, whatever might be the reason, taller people look good. This is a very big reason why people want to increase there height or what they want to grow taller.

​Confidence: People generally associate height with confidence. It has been clinically proven that taller people generally are more confident than shorter people. Reason, mainly because it  feels good to be tall. As its said “80 % of feeling good is looking good”, so if taller a person, better he looks and better he feels. No wonder everyone wants to grow tall.

​Notice: Taller people are more notices in a gathering. They invite attraction and attention. Chases are that those who command attention and revered and look up as well. Hence people want to follow the same and want to grow taller.

​Stronger: It’s a notion that taller the person, stronger he is. This has its scientific reason. With growth in height, overall body grows as well. No wonder muscles are stronger of a taller person than that of a shorter person.​

Some Best Ways to Increase Height

1. Body Lengthening - Stretching helps lengthening of body parts, muscles and bones. Gravity of earth plays a counter effective role on height. With gravity always pulling down, it infact reduces height of a person and also opposes the tendency of the body to stretch and grow. So it becomes very important for a person to stretch regularly in order to counter balance gravity's effect.

2. Stimulate Hormone Production - Exercises also help activate endocrine glands which secrete hormones responsible for effecting growth. One of the main gland called pituitary gland generates Growth Hormone in body which is responsible for height increase.

3. Correcting Posture – Posture also plays an important role in height. A wrong posture can take away upto 2 inches from one’s height. Exercise also corrects posture which can add a couple of inches right away.

5 easy exercises for increase your height

how to increase height exercise

Exercise is the best method to gain height naturally. It is risk free and totally natural way of increasing height. The only thing to remember while doing such exercise is the correct method to do them. Exercise for height gain can help in a number of ways.Below are 5 Easy exercises that you can practice daily. DON’T GET OVERWHELMED WITH TONS OF EXERCISES AVAILABLE ONLINE. You only need these below to get taller. 

1.   Stretching Exercises:

Stretching exercises are the simplest to perform at you can do so at the comfort of your home. All these below mentioned stretching exercises help increase height by lengthening muscles and bones. Also, these exercises make you flexible. Flexibility is an important factor in height increase.

2.   Hanging from the Bars:

One of the most common and most effective method to get tall is hanging from the bars. Find out a strong bar which can support at least twice your weight. This can be at a playground, gym or at your home. Now hang from the bar vertically and pull or stretch down. Feel the stretch on your body and stretch as much as you can.  Then slowly release the pressure and come back to normal position. This method will give a stretch to your spine there by helping in growth and height increase.

3.  Vertical Jumping to Increase Height

Another effective method that can aid in height increase and getting taller is the Vertical Jumping Exercise. This is an easy, energetic and result oriented exercise. Just stand in a clear place free from obstruction. Make sure you have enough room above to jump high. Once in position, Jump High vertically with your arms stretched upwards. While you jump, feel the stretch and energy. Feel as if you at putting a dunk short in basketball. Jump as high as you can. Repeat atleast 10 – 15 times every day.This is the task that basketball players do the most while playing the game and you wonder why they are taller?

4.  Yoga for Height Increase

Yoga can be beneficial for height increase. Yoga exercises not only help in stretching of the body, but also simulates glands to produce growth hormones. Yoga for height increase and taller height has gained popularity over the past couple of decades. This is because this is an immensely beneficial tool for height increase.

 5.  Posture Improvement Exercises

Posture  plays a significant role in height improvement. This is because a correct posture can right away give you a couple of inches and make you look tall.Having a wrong posture can take away more up to 2 -3 inches which can make hell of a difference in anyone’s personality. There are some exercises that you can easily do every day and get great results.How can you judge whether your posture is correct? Simple, have a look at the picture below and judge where you stand. Which one of the below look taller?

 Practice these exercises for height increase every day for maximum results. These exercises should be a part of your daily routine. Do them alternately for over 20 to 30 mins for your height increase regime. 

As every thing has its do’s or don’ts, height increase regime also has its own DO NOT DO stuff. There are some things that one should not do while trying to get taller.I have grouped this Do NOT DO things for height increase in for of questions because these may also be answers to many question regarding height increase. 

Do's and Don'ts to Increase Height

1. Don’t do weight training if you want to get taller – Weight training stops growth. Yes this is one of the most common mistake that many individuals make. If you are short heighted and intend to grow taller, weight training won’t help. Infact this will affect on the contrary.Weight training along with building muscle strength also puts pressure on bones to compress. Not only this, weight training also expedites the process of bone skeleton maturity and the process of growth plate is fusion. So when you start the weight training at early stage, you bones get fused faster and you stop growing. 

2. Do Not PLAY with you HEALTH – Height increase should always have second spot with your Health Being the first - ALWAYS.Remember, you can do tremendous things in your life if you are healthy and strong. Being tall is good, but it is not the only thing that makes you strong. Life and health is far more important than being tall.Keep distance from stuff that jeopardize your health. There are so many things in the market that promise to increase your height but come with side effects. Medicines and pills are dangerous for not only your body, but your overall health. Stay Away from them.

3. Disadvantages and Side effects of Limb Lengthening Surgeries - There are immense side effects of Limb lengthening surgeries. Limb lengthening surgeries are gaining popularity throughout the world these days. However, keep in mind that this is an ARTIFICIAL Cosmetic surgery that comes with its own negative repercussions and side effects. In this surgery, your limbs are totally broken and the broken bones are kept at a distance so that in the course of time, the distance is filled up by calcium. Yes, this will make your limbs look long, however this has very grave results. Your limbs are no longer stronger. Your legs become as week as a lambs legs. A small jerk to your leg can get you a fracture. 

4. Do not Smoke and Drink – Smoking and drinking also results in aging  of the body. They too fasten the process of bone maturity. However, not only this, smoking has additional disadvantage. They increase toxins in the body that had counter productive effect for height increase. There are other this besides the points listed above that one should avoid if they want to increase there height. However, the above ones are the most important factors that one should not do if they want to increase their height. 

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